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You’ll never need to check a bag again

Hello Babes! I’m currently sitting in the Portland, OR airport waiting to board my flight to L.A. I’ve been here for the past hour, and still have an hour to go. So, I’m bored. Having nothing to do however, has got me thinking about blog post ideas! I’ve traveled a good amount for my age, and I am no newbie at packing bags.

Every time I go to the airport I see way too many people over packing for trips. One checked bag, two checked bags, and all the carry-ons they can take. All I have to say to this is, No! Girl, unless you’re leaving for a month there is no need to check a bag.

I’m going on a trip for 7 days. My carry on isn’t jammed full, and my personal bag is basically empty besides it housing my laptop and wallet. I could’ve even packed several more outfits if I needed to.

In my bag I have enough outfits for 5 days and for the other 2 travel days I will be wearing the same outfit I’m wearing at the airport right now. Which means I’m completely covered for the 7 days! 7 days is pretty easy. However, you can expand your carryon luggage to last even longer than that! Up to two weeks with just carryon bags is doable, and a lot easier than you might think!

I used to be a huge over packer myself. I would bring a checked bag for a weeklong trip and not wear half the stuff in it.  Now that I’m a college student and balling on a budget I like to save money anywhere I can. Who wants to spend $25 each way if they don’t have to? In an attempt to save money, I’ve learned to downsize my packing. Not only does it save me cash, it’s more efficient and I’m not overwhelmed by too many options.

If you want to learn how to never pack a checked bag again keep reading for my favorite trips and tricks!


Plan Your Outfits

This is major! Don’t just toss clothes into your bag. To make a carryon bag work for a long trip you need to get strategic. Which means you have some planning to do! Know what outfits you want to wear, and what kind of clothes you’ll need for the weather. Plan on rotating jeans with different tops each day. Tops don’t typically take up as much space as jeans, so it’s a lot easier to pack 10 tops with 3 pairs of jeans and rotate throughout the week.

Roll up Your Clothes

Surprisingly folding up clothes takes up a lot of unnecessary space! To save yourself some room, and eliminate some unwanted wrinkles tightly roll up each item of clothing. This may seem silly, or like a waste of time, but trust me you’ll be thanking me later!

Only Pack 2-3 staple shoes

Shoes are a space vacuum! They suck it all up. You don’t need a different pair of shoes for each outfit, so don’t pack it. Instead pack one or two shoes in your luggage and wear the comfiest or bulkiest pair while you travel.

Use Compression Bags

Whether it’s winter, or you’re just new at this carryon thing a compression bag can save your life! If you have too many clothes, and you can’t zip your luggage than a compression bag may be just what you need. The purpose of a compression bag is to eliminate any excess air that may be adding bulk to your clothes. Using one will shrink down your luggage a sizeable amount. This will definitely save your butt during the winter months when all the clothes you are packing are bulky sweaters, and jackets.


Click the link to be directed to Compression Bags.

Wear a jacket or any bulky clothes to the airport

If you are packing a jacket, or any big piece of clothing try to wear it to the airport! This will save you a LOT of space when you are packing the rest of your outfits. Which is crucial when packing a carryon bag. Personally I like to wear my coat, and bulkiest shoes to the airport and then pack everything else. This is a huge space saver!


I hope this article helped you and gave you some new ideas on how to cut overpacking! I know that all of these tips have been lifesavers for me. I haven’t checked a bag for a trip less than 14 days in over a year and definitely don’t plan to ever again! With the help of this article I believe that you too can never need to check a bag again.


Amanda Rae


I don't really email often but I love to share the coolest information and products when I get the chance!

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I don't really email often but I love to share the coolest information and products when I get the chance!