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5 Things to Make You Fall in Love With Fall

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been guilty of falling into the fall time blues and letting the cooler weather effect your mood. Fall is one of those seasons where you miss it when it’s gone but resent it when it’s here. This year however, I’ve been determined to put my fall time blues at rest and have been embracing the cooler breeze and have found a few things to do that will help make fall your new favorite season. Embrace the Time of Year for religious reasons, or just pleasure embrace the holidays and all the...

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The Beginning

It is currently one week away from my social life going down the drain, A.K.A. one week from college being back in session. Not that my social life has much to lose, if I’m being completely honest. Not only is school back in session, but that also means I’m back to being 2,375 miles away from Adam. Adam is my boyfriend of one year, and our relationship has basically consisted of Skype for 8 months of that. So college being back in session basically means I’m doomed to another 8 months of bad service Skype...

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