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BootayBag Review

Not surprisingly dead week and finals has me feeling, well, dead. Luckily things like Christmas, seeing bae again, and BootayBag have helped keep me in high spirits. I was lucky enough to receive this bag courtesy of BootayBag and have tried out the pieces this past week. So, for those of you who don’t know what BootayBag is it is a monthly subscription that gets you two GORGEOUS pairs of underwear each month for $12. The underwear come randomized to your door, but you do have the choice for thongs, no thongs, or a mix....

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The Beginning

It is currently one week away from my social life going down the drain, A.K.A. one week from college being back in session. Not that my social life has much to lose, if I’m being completely honest. Not only is school back in session, but that also means I’m back to being 2,375 miles away from Adam. Adam is my boyfriend of one year, and our relationship has basically consisted of Skype for 8 months of that. So college being back in session basically means I’m doomed to another 8 months of bad service Skype...

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