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Pixi Beauty Collab | Aspyn Ovard and More Review

Pixi Beauty for the win!

If you love Youtube, inexpensive makeup and Target then this launch may be your new best friend. Pixi beauty recently came out with a new launch featuring a makeup collaboration with four influencers. Aspyn Ovard, Itsjudytime, Maryam Maquillage, and Caroline Hirons. This launch included everything from face cleansers to eyeshadow palettes and other go to products for your beauty routine. This was my first time trying out the brand. As soon as I saw Aspyn’s video showing the result of her collaboration with Pixi, I jumped online and being the savvy college student I am, found a coupon and made an order. I decided to get the “It’sEyeTime” palette and Aspyn Ovard’s Glow-y powder in the shade “Rome Rose”.  One of the best parts about this launch is knowing I can find it at Target. If you hate shopping online, or waiting, go and can pick it up at a Target near you.


Pixi Beauty’s “ItsEyeTime” Review

Get the Look – Its Eye Time


Given the price point, I was thoroughly impressed with this eyeshadow palette. This is by far the most consistent pigmented eyeshadow palette I’ve bought from a drugstore. Overall, the formula of the shadows was very soft and creamy to the touch. Although, some shades were so soft,  there was a little bit of kick up of the product during application. The price is $24 dollars for 12 shades. Making each individual pan $2 dollars for 1.2 grams of product.




This is a matte shade that has the same undertones but is darker than “itsmommyslife.”


Brick looks just how it sounds. A deep red shade that has a slight sheen.

Good morning

This shade is a matte finish and a slightly pinker toned shade than “itsmommyslife.” This would make a great transition or an all over the lid color.


This is a beautiful warm toned orangey brown color that is great for a transition shade. When swatching or swirling a brush in the palette this shade kicks up more powder than the others.


Bubbly is a beautiful gold with a slight metallic finish that would make a great color for the middle of your lid to brighten up your look and make it pop.


This shade is a great champagne color for your inner highlight or below your brow.


pixi beauty palettes


Tu Tu

Tu  Tu is a rich red brown shade that is matte. This would be a great crease or transition shade for a darker smokey eye look.


This shade is a frosty version of Tutu. This would also be great to deepen your eye look.


Ping is a neutral frosted dark brown shade.

Dark chocolate

This shade is a deep matte brown with neutral undertones that would be great for an inner crease color.

Aww Snap

In the pan “Aww Snap” and “Dark Chocolate” look almost identical. But when swatched “aww snap” is a slightly lighter shade with the smallest hint of warm undertones. This shade is a matte shade and would be a great transition for a darker eye look.

Night Night

This shade is by far the hardest shade out of this palette. Unlike the other shades it’s stiff to the touch. I needed to swatch it twice to get the color payoff you see in the photo. That being said the color is buildable and you can get a decently intense black out of it. This black contains some silver glitter that is more prominent when it’s in the pan than when it’s swatched.


Great Option for a Budget

This palette impressed me but there are a few flops. My least favorite shades being “itsmommyslife” and “Night Night” due to consistency and payoff. However, the rest of the shadows swatched and blended very well. My favorite part about this palette is how cohesive and wearable all the shades are. If you are on a budget and need an everyday wearable palette this is a great option for you. There’s a ton of warm orange/peachy toned colors at the top (which seems to be the recent craze) and a mix of neutral and warm dark shades at the bottom. This palette would easily allow you to go from an everyday look to a nighttime look.


Pixi Beauty’s Glow-y Powder in “Rome Rose” Review

Get the Look – Glow-y Powder


pixi beauty + aspyn ovard


This powder acts as a blush for my light skin. The blush itself has a gold sheen when its applied to the skin. Since there is a hint of gold I think it could make a great blush topper or highlight for someone with deeper skin. If you have very pale to medium skin like me, I would recommend only using this product as a blush or eyeshadow.


pixi beauty + aspyn ovard highlighter


When I first applied and swatched this product I was really disappointed. The color wasn’t showing up and all you could see was a slight gold reflect. However, once I broke through the first layer of the product I saw a good amount of pigment in 1 to 2 layers. The light color that you get is a beautiful glow-y shade that really helps your skin have a healthy glow and luminosity to it. This still isn’t an overly pigmented blush. This would be a great product for someone who tends to be a little heavy handed or is a beginner at putting on their makeup. The swatch shown above took two swipes of my finger to build up to the color you are seeing.

This Pixi Beauty product is a little more pricey for what you get compared to the other launches in this collab. It’s $16 for a single product, but for a blush it does have a rather large pan size at 10.21 grams, so it will last you a long time.


Tell me down in the comments what Item you want to try from this collection! & let me know if you’d be interested in seeing video content from me in the form of tutorials, vlogs, monthly favorites, etc!




I don't really email often but I love to share the coolest information and products when I get the chance!

  • Josephine

    The pixi pallets and blush are gorgeous. Thanks fo sharing affordable beauty buys!

    March 9, 2017 at 11:13 pm Reply

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I don't really email often but I love to share the coolest information and products when I get the chance!