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5 Things to Make You Fall in Love With Fall

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been guilty of falling into the fall time blues and letting the cooler weather effect your mood. Fall is one of those seasons where you miss it when it’s gone but resent it when it’s here. This year however, I’ve been determined to put my fall time blues at rest and have been embracing the cooler breeze and have found a few things to do that will help make fall your new favorite season.

Embrace the Time of Year

for religious reasons, or just pleasure embrace the holidays and all the excuses in the world to bake and gorge yourself with yummy treats.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Activities

This can be a range of things from hitting up a local pumpkin patch, going to an orchard and picking up some fresh apple cider, or going to a fall festival.

Start a Tradition

Traditions give you something to look forward to and are one of the best ways to make you enjoy a certain time of year. The tradition could be yearly or weekly from watching Christmas movies the day after thanksgiving to having a spa night with your friends every Friday night.


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Speaking of traditions and thanksgiving this will be my first year away from home during thanksgiving. This year I will be gone at my boyfriend’s parents’ home in Washington instead of my families. I’m excited to be with my new family during this time of year but breaking tradition is always hard for me. Last year my boyfriend and I spent thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his. At this point I had been away from home for three months while attending college and had not been homesick until the week of Christmas when I was with his family. It only lasted a short while, but it hit hard. What made me get over my homesickness was the new traditions his family let me join in to and the ones we created together. There’s something so reassuring and cozy about being included in someone else’s traditions and creating ones to look forward to in the future. My boyfriend and I now have several Holliday traditions including buying matching Christmas ornaments and pajamas. Something as simple as this will help make me feel at home and excited for the holiday no matter where I am. I know this year we’ll create our own thanksgiving traditions and share in the ones his family has too and that will help me soak in the holidays in a somewhat unfamiliar place. Just like traditions have helped me get over my homesickness, they also have the power to get rid of fall blues and give you something to look forward to.


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Change up Your Style

it’s a new time of year, and with that the best way to get yourself excited is to update your wardrobe! Budget Tip Instead of buying all your clothes at the beginning of the school year I like to buy myself a few things throughout each month so I can continue to stay excited about my wardrobe and the weather, and as a bonus it also lets you spread out the cost of your new wardrobe.

Try New Things

Don’t let the time of year or weather get you down or stop you from going outdoors. I know it can be cold, but fall is a beautiful time of year. I promise you if you go to your favorite spots from the summer in the fall you will not be disappointed. So try going on your favorite hike or trail, and be amazed by the complete transformation that has taken place. To make this even more enjoyable pack some hot cocoa or bring supplies for s’mores to enjoy once you’ve finished your adventure.


I don't really email often but I love to share the coolest information and products when I get the chance!

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I don't really email often but I love to share the coolest information and products when I get the chance!