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5 Super Fun Date Ideas on a Budget

You’re dating someone new, and it’s going great. You’re feeling all the feels, but let’s face it you’re also going broke. Dining and wining a person isn’t always the cheapest, but it also doesn’t need to strip away savings from your piggy bank. Let’s also acknowledge that date ideas other than dinner and a movie don’t often surface in our minds.

Don’t get me wrong, going out is great. I myself love being treated to a dinner date, however there are other alternatives I can appreciate just as much. Some, I may even appreciate more. Sentiment counts for a lot, especially when you are trying to win someone over.

If you are having to scrape together nickels and dimes in your wallet, or you know the guy you are seeing is, don’t worry! I have come up with a great list of fun dates that won’t break the bank.

1. Bring the Movies and Popcorn Home

Sometimes the best date ideas are simple. If you can’t afford to take your date out to the movies, bring the movies to them! You can spice up this date idea in many ways. Get creative! Decorate your room to make it feel like a movie theater, or create a fort for you guys to lay under and watch movies. While this date will only cost a few dollars you will be able to whisk your date away with your creativity and charm.

There’s even an added bonus!  This idea alleviates a lot of the pressure you may be feeling on your first movie date with your new significant other. It allows you both to be in a more comfortable atmosphere. You won’t need to make decisions on whether you should keep the arm rest down or not. Instead, you are in a cozy environment that is prime for tons of cuddle action to take place.

2. Cook a Meal Together

Food isn’t just the way to a man’s heart it’s the way to a women’s too! Oh boy, do I love that my man can cook, and I love when we can cook together. There’s something hot about seeing your partner in the kitchen trying their best to prepare a meal that you will love. You can cook the whole meal, or you can make it a team effort for the both of you. You could even make it a trade and have one of you cook dinner and the other make dessert. Not only is this dinner date super fun and tasty it will definitely save you some pennies too.

3. Go on a Hike or Walk, and Bring a Picnic

Going out and being away from social media, and technology can be a great way to get to know someone without distractions. If you have a hard time letting go of your phone, then this date is for you! Taking your girl or man out to your favorite location, or somewhere you’ve been wanting to explore will be the perfect way to have all attention on your time together. I’ve always loved outdoorsy dates for first dates because they are a great way to detach yourself from everyday life and allow you to focus on your date. Plus, you can tell a lot about a person by how they react to not having wifi, being around bugs, and having to get a little bit of a workout.

Remember, this is still a date. Which means you shouldn’t take your date out on a long walk without food and drinks and expect them to have a good time. So pack a small snack and a few refreshments.

4. Be Spontaneous

Not every date idea needs to begin with an exact plan. If you’ve been seeing each other for a while than a time and a place can be enough. Choose a spot in town you’d like to hangout and see where the day takes you. Window shopping, and exploring the city can be really fun all on its own if you have great company. Although, I wouldn’t recommend this for a first date, once you’ve been on a few this is great option to save pennies.

However, there’s nothing more frustrating than an indecisive date. So, don’t take this advice and think you can be relaxed on the plans in general. You should have a time, place, and date laid out. Don’t be the person that doesn’t know when they are available and is flaky. Being spontaneous simply means you are open to where the day will take you once you are with your date. Anything goes but only once you two are together.  Maybe you’ll get ice cream and walk down the streets, or maybe you’ll decide to go to a completely different location for whatever reason. The choice is yours! Remember to make it fun.

5. Bring Your Bae to Your Favorite Part of the City/Town

I personally always love when Adam takes the time to show and include me in things he loves. From videos, books, TV shows, and places. It’s always flattering to know that someone wants to include you on something that’s dear to their heart. If there’s somewhere you love, or something you love to do that is budget friendly, take your date to do it with you! You will get to know you better, and allow yourself the chance to experience something you already love together. Make sure your date is up for the adventure. If your idea of a fun day is rock climbing or watching your favorite sports team, your date may not be as into it as you are. I don’t know who you are but I may be pulling from personal preference with that last statement.


All in all, it can be really easy to date and rack up pennies at the same time! You just have to be creative. Put a little time and effort into planning. Trust me, your date won’t mind occasionally skipping the expensive meal if you replace it for any of the ideas in this list. What’s most important is knowing your significant other put the time and effort into how they can make sure you enjoy your time together. All the date ideas on this list will have your significant other feeling special and it might even steal their heart faster than a typical dinner and movies date night.


Tell me down in the comments what your most memorable date was, and if it was a money saver or a bank breaker!



Amanda Rae


I don't really email often but I love to share the coolest information and products when I get the chance!

  • Ellie

    Thanks for sharing!<3

    February 28, 2017 at 6:43 pm Reply
  • Shelby

    Love this! I currently went broke from spending 2 months in China so my boyfriend and I are definitely trying to find some things to do that won’t break the bank lol!
    The Fernweh Wolf / Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    March 5, 2017 at 11:32 pm Reply
  • Josephine

    This is perfect! The best dates can be free/low budget. The point is that you are spending time together.

    March 9, 2017 at 11:24 pm Reply

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I don't really email often but I love to share the coolest information and products when I get the chance!