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10 Ways to Earn Money in College

Quick Ways to Earn Money in College

So you’re in college and you are officially broker than broke. I’ve been there, several times, and it’s a pretty sad day when your diet consists of ramen, noodles and more ramen. Melodramatic or not, it is a pretty depressing feeling when your friends want to go out to get coffee and you can’t swing it. Maybe you’re broke because you blew through your monthly allowance. Or because you’re on your own financially. There are so many quick opportunities to earn money in college and you probably haven’t thought or heard of them.

College is hard and stressful. The last thing you need is another worry. Like worrying about how you’ll afford to grab a cup of coffee. I know the struggle is real. Been there.

So, I’ve come up with a list of ways you can earn money in college. Many of them I can vouch for since they earned me extra cash! The list varies from one time commitments to part-time jobs. No matter what your schedule is, there’s a way for you to make money while in college!


Old college text books on desk



1. Sell Old Textbooks

Text books can be ridiculously expensive. Don’t just let them rot in the corner of your room once you’re done with them – Sell them! You will usually get around 40% to 50% of what you paid, if you bring it back to your local book store. But you could also sell these directly to students to get a little more money back if you’re willing to wait longer for the profits.


2. Do Paid Research Studies Through Your School

Almost any campus with a Psychology department should have an array of studies going on that a student can participate in. These studies can range from paid to unpaid depending on the funding. But from my experience when the studies are paid, you get $10 cash for every hour you are there.

This is a great way to make money because the studies typically only last around an hour and are a onetime commitment. This makes it easy to fit into your schedule and to get some instant cash.


3. Recycle Bottles and Cans

When I was in high school my parents would collect bags of soda cans in the garage. Whenever I needed spare change they could direct me to them. Typically, out of a few bags of soda cans I would make around $20 dollars. Sure, this isn’t much, but it is more than you would get just tossing them in the trash or recycling bin.

This won’t fill your pockets with cash by any means, but it helps you out with a little spare change. If you have any cans or glass bottles around, which are collecting dust in the recycle bin and will never make it out the door, go out to a bottle recycle station nearest you. Turn in your collected goods and make some money while you are at it! Typically, you make 5 to 10 cents per bottle, so wait until the pile grows before you make the trip.


4. Take Notes for Classes

This is a great way to make a little money. When taking notes there’s generally two options. The first option is to see if your school offers a program for people requiring assistance in their classes and their notes. This is most likely accessible through your university’s education center. If they do, you can apply to be a note taker.  If accepted, you will be assigned classes that work with your schedule. This is a great option because you get hourly pay and have a schedule that works in between your own schedules gaps.  The second option is to upload your own class notes on a site like Nexus Notes. Uploading to nexus is great because it requires no extra effort than what you are already doing in your classes. The downside is you can’t guarantee how many people will buy your notes.


Earn money in college by babysitting


5. Babysit

Babysitting is a great option for anyone that has access to a car and loves kids. If you go onto and create an account, you can keep an eye on listings of people that are looking for a babysitter in your area. The jobs you can find on this site range from one time occasions to regular gigs. Along with babysitting they also have other jobs you can sign up to do, like pet sitting and house cleaning.


6. Work on Your Campus

If you’re living on campus, I’d highly recommend working on it too. Typically, if you are living there you probably aren’t driving. So, an on campus job is the perfect choice. These jobs range from working in the dining halls to working at a reception desk, or to working in the library. There are so many jobs available on campus. One of the best parts about a campus job is a complete understanding of the fact you are a college student and your availability may be limited.


College Retail Worker


7. Work at Your Favorite Retailer

Retail jobs are great while you are in school because it is typically easy to ask for low weekly hours. If you are able to wok 10-15 hours a week, and don’t mind working weekends, retail could be the perfect fit for you. Plus, if you apply to somewhere you shop a lot you’re likely save some money with an employee discount. Discounts depend on the company but from my experience you typically get 20-40% off.


8. Sell Used Clothes on Poshmark

Poshmark is a great platform to easily sell your new or used clothes online using your smart phone. The best part is only needing to choose the price. You don’t need to worry about shipping costs. Poshmark or the person buying will pay for the shipping.  Snap  just a few pics of your clothing and upload the pictures to the app. Set the price and you’re done. The app works like any retailer’s website. The customer will find your items by searching for a certain brand, category, or color. As an added bonus, you can gain followers on this app! This is great because the larger you build your audience the faster your clothes will fly off the shelves.


9. Use Ebates and Earn Money Back When You Shop at Participating Online Retailers

Ebates is a great way to make money while spending money. If you are an habitual online shopper like me, it is definitely worth installing the browser extension and checking if there’s any cashback offers whenever you’re at checkout. Sites typically give from one to ten percent cashback, and you can combine coupon codes with the offer! Once you start earning cash back you will get a check in the mail every few months with the cash you’ve accumulated.


If you click the link below and signup you will get $10


College Blogger


10. Start a Blog

A great way to potentially make money is by starting a blog. This option won’t be getting cash in your hands within a matter of minutes or hours. But over time you can build a part time or even full time job out of blogging. How far you go with blogging is just a matter of how much effort you are willing to put into it. The best part about blogging is only spending your time and effort on things that you are interested in.


I hope you found this list of ways to make money in college helpful! Feel free to start a conversation in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you. 


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I don't really email often but I love to share the coolest information and products when I get the chance!

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I don't really email often but I love to share the coolest information and products when I get the chance!